Gold standard for Vitiligo and Psoriasis

Big light spot/ High energy

Effective ROI

Portability, pain free, No side effects


308nm Excimer UV-light is single-rate excimer light by using XeCI as illumination, to induce T cells apoptosis and improve pigment synthesis, which proved to be effective for many skin diseases with accurate treatments. It is regarded as the most effective way to treat Vitiligo, Psoriasis and other skin diseases because of the excellent efficacy, short treatment course and less adverse reactions.

1. Many domestic and international inventions and utility model patents ensure Eximal to be safer, more effective and more flexible.

2. No consumables during treatment.

3. Eximal is becoming a must for first-rate skin treatment institutions for its high technology and profits.

Technology Explanation

The light source of Eximal is a molecule consisting of Xe atom and Chlorin atom under the effect of electric filed. As chlorin atom can accept a electron from Xe atom, the two atoms are activated and on an unstable combination state, thus producing single-rate excimer light.


Application and Comparison


Feature    NB UVB    308nm Excimer Laser    308nm Excimer UV-light    

Effect       ordinary    Obvious    

Safety      With side effects and adverse reaction Safe    

Treatment time     Several months     10 to 15 times    

Treatment efficiency    Low energy, long irradiation time    mall light spot, long irradiation time    Adjustable large light spot, high energy, short irradiation time    

Pertinency    Strong phototoxicity, harmful to surrounding healthy skin.    single wavelength, deep Penetration, high efficiency, protect healthy skin from radiation hazard    

Treated area    Invalid for facial edge and wrinkle areas    valid for facial edge and wrinkle areas    

Consumables    Consumables is needed for some areas    Consumables is needed    “Zero” consumables


Research results: 81% patients obtain over 74% elimination rate in less than 10 times treatment; 55% patients obtain over 92% efficacy in less than 10 times treatment.


Clinical data shows: Patients can obtain 82.4% effective rate after 15 times treatment, 67.9% after 10 times treatment and 41.9 after 5 times treatment.



308nm single wavelength, no harmful light

No side effects
Pain free performance
Suitable for children


Flexible treatment tip enables doctor to illuminate different diseased sections and improve the efficiency of treatment greatly.

Big light spot/ High-energy spotlight for option

The light spot size is 25.62cm2, which is effective to reduce irradiate time. Meanwhile, spotlight lampshade provides diversity treatment on different diseased area and increases working efficiency.

High energy

The maximum energy density is 6000 mj /cm2, which is able to reach 6 times of MED energy rapidly and obtain an instant effect.


10.4 inch large touch screen combined with intelligent controller, convenient for user to operate various treatment modes, and greatly enhance user recognization and treatment accuracy.

Effective ROI

Eximal is a high cost-effective device without any consumables during treatment, grant user to effective returns on investment.

Before & After
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    • Before
      Treatment session: 5
      Treatment session: 5
    Technical Specifications


    Light source XeCl Excimer light
    Wavelength 808nm±2nm
    Energy instability ≤±10%
    Light spot energy irregularity ≤±10%
    Energy density 50~6000mJ/cm2
    Limit power density 50mW/cm2


    Light spot 25.62cm2(4.2cm*6.1cm)
    Hight-energy spotlight spotlight lampshade: 0.8cm2 (Φ10)


    Single irradiation time 1s -120s
    Display 10.4inch LCD touch screen
    Dimension 555*370*1240 mm
    weight 50KG